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New York, NY – Relevent Sports Group, Stage Front and its retail arm -, announced a new multi-year partnership today focused on driving ticket sales to the International Champions Cup. The brands are committed to enhancing customer experience and will use their extensive market expertise and analytics to take a creative approach to ticket and fan engagement focused on customer behavior and satisfaction.
As a premium partner, Stage Front will offer more than just flat ticket sales data. By focusing on a wide variety of digital and marketing programs to maximize sales of the International Champions Cup, Stage Front will be able to utilize its extensive data analytics and business intelligence expertise to provide unique customer and sales data insights to Relevant Sports Group. This is part of Stage Front's efforts to increase the value of partnerships by investing in customer activation through digital advertising. Stage Front will provide online customer journey statistics and trends, traffic spikes, timing, geography, and other consumer behavioral data along with feedback on digital marketing programs. 
"This partnership is a large step in our efforts to create strategies that cover the global customer journey," said Stage Front CEO and Founder Karl Roes. "The International Champions Cup is the premier soccer brand and event in North America. We are thrilled to work with a talented, forward-thinking group at Relevant Sports Group and be a part of the explosion of soccer fandom in the United States."  
"Working with Stage Front allows us to maximize the extensive data we have gathered over the past decade about soccer fans in the United States and Asia," said Aidan Lyons, Relevent Sports Groups Head of Growth Marketing and Business Intelligence. "In today's competitive environment ticket distribution requires a deeper understanding of customer behavior. This partnership and our ability to use extensive market analytics will set us apart in the industry."
Stage Front is planning on various fan engagement strategies, including contests, digital content, and social media strategies.
About Relevent Sports Group
Relevent Sports Group (RSG) is one of the most influential privately-owned international soccer companies. It's focused on growing the popularity of the sport in North America and Asia. RSG delivers exceptional multi-platform experiences and access for fans across the International Champions Cup, Women's International Champions Cup, and the International Champions Cup Futures tournaments featuring the top soccer clubs. RSG invests in and develops platforms to accelerate the growth of soccer including the first-of-its-kind joint venture with LaLiga to grow the popularity and value of the league in North America, and Alianza de Futbol, the leading marketer and producer of Hispanic soccer programs in the U.S.
About International Champions Cup
The International Champions Cup is the world's premier annual summer soccer tournament featuring the top international clubs playing across North America, Europe, and Asia. The tournament brings world-class soccer to the masses by organizing marquee matches that attract record-breaking crowds – including the largest recorded attendance for a soccer match in the United States. 
About Stage Front
Founded in 1984, Stage Front has grown to be a prominent leader in the ticketing industry. Their proprietary technology includes ticket distribution, pricing, and real-time web-based portals that elevate over 200 clients in their strategic efforts.
Recently, Stage Front rebranded their retail site,, focusing on an enhanced customer experience. The integration into partnerships drives an increased strategic vision, including digital and eCommerce data and analytics.
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