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The International Champions Cup Skills Challenge is a free, weekend event, taking place in 12 select International Champions Cup host cities this summer. Participants will have the opportunity to compete in four challenges; dribbling, shooting, juggling and passing. Points will be awarded based on the execution of each challenge. Each city's overall top point scorers from each age group, (U12 – 2006 and later, U16 – 2005 to 2002 and Open age) in both male and female divisions, will be recognized on the field, during half-time, of the International Champions Cup match held in their city.

Congratulations to the 2018 National Winners!

Female U12: Zeta McDannels (Dallas) = Score 2380
Female U16: Sarah Bergan (Philadelphia) = Score 2565
Female Open: Sophia Fondren (Dallas) = Score 2570
Male U12: Jack Brown (Philadelphia) = Score 3020
Male U16: Farouk Boudjemaa (Washington D.C.) = Score 2745
Male Open: Qingshu (Kevin) Cui (Washington D.C.) = Score 3050

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DribblingThe Clock is ticking!!! A fun challenge, that focuses on your ability to keep the ball under close control, on the ground, by navigating a slalom course in the fastest time possible. You can use either your left or right foot at any time. The faster you complete the dribbling course, without knocking any cones down (a 1 second penalty per downed cone), the more points you will score. [1000 pts. Max.]


ShootingCan you score in the upper 90? This challenge focuses on your ability to shoot a ball on goal. You have 5 shots with each foot from the 18 yard line, and 20 seconds for each foot. This challenge tests both feet, and you’ll receive 100 points for an upper 90 goal or 50 points for a shot into a bottom corner. [1000 pts. Max.]


JugglingWhat would a Skills Challenge be without juggling? This challenge focuses on your aerial close ball control. You are asked to keep the ball in the air for consecutive touches on your right foot, then the challenge is repeated on your left foot. For each successful touch you receive 5 points. [500 pts. Max./foot; 1000 pts. total]


PassingNot as easy as you might think! This challenge focuses on passing the ball into small target areas. You will pass 5 balls per foot and are challenged to show your touch and accuracy, as you aim to pass them into small goals 18 yards away within 20 seconds. [1000 pts. Max.]


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Female Results

U12 - National

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