About - Legacy Project
As the International Champions Cup enters its seventh year of bringing world-class international soccer to countries around the world, it’s time to thank the communities which host matches and give back.
This year, the International Champions Cup is introducing a new initiative, the ICC Legacy Project. The goal of the Legacy Project is to help the cities beyond match day and truly leave behind a legacy.
In each city hosting an ICC match in 2019, a project in an underserved community will be identified to receive funding and support.
These projects will all be based on one of the core initiatives, growing and developing soccer around the world and making the game accessible for everyone. Legacy projects can impact youth and adults.
The International Champions Cup will work with local non-profits to identify goals and needs to help the organisation take a positive step towards reaching their goals.
The partnership will be announced in the months leading up to match day and will not end on match day. ICC will continue to look for opportunities to engage with the organisations in the future and maintain a long term relationship.
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